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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sandwiching Making by Ray..

I have just been educated in the proper way to put the meat on a sandwich.

Here is an excerpt from "Cooking by Ray"

When placing sandwich meat onto the bread, it must be put done in the proper order, which, according to Ray is done this way:

While looking at the bread, with the flat of the bread toward you the meat is placed in the following order:
The bottom right corner is the Private
The bottom left corner is the Corporal
The top left Corner is the Sergeant
The top right corner is the Sgt. Major
Exactly perfectly centered on top is the Captain

The top slice of bread is centered exactly on top, the middle piece must touch ALL the other pieces because the Captain has to lead his troops.

When you go to eat it, the first bite must be taken from the bottom right corner, then the middle, then the top right corner, the head then sticks out the middle and you eat that, then top left, middle left, lower left then middle left to lower left, apparently eating in a round circle.

If this is not followed precisely, the tradition dies and the troops with it. Anyone actually follow this? LOL

Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork!

Just a quick update. Still working on paperwork because we keep procrastinating. We are really liking the area here in Apache Junction, AZ. I am still adjusting to the lifestyle, which I find incredibly relaxing. I am having a really hard time organizing the RV. The bins and cupboard areas are pretty small so I keep moving stuff only to find that it created a flow error somewhere else. Thankfully there is a container store in the area and that is definitely our friend!

We set up a great patio area and I am debating on plants, but there won't be anywhere to put them when we move around. We had to settle for a gas grill which disappoints me, but those lava rocks really give good flavor to the meat.

There continues to be rain, lots of it, about once a week. Otherwise the weather is awesome!

I think we will start making our way back to Minnesota at the end of April to beginning of May.

We are just enjoying life! Hope all is well with everyone reading this.

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Drive Part II: From El Paso, TX to Apache Junction, AZ to Las Vegas, NV

I have seen some majestic sights, but this stretch of our trip was one of the most breathtaking parts of our beautiful country that I have ever seen.

On the way we stopped for the night at a rest area. The elevation was quite high and we stopped in the dark. In the morning when we got up we were high up in altitude, over 7000 ft. We were outside of Tucson in the aptly named Tucson Mountains :). We stepped outside to crisp clean air, the sound of the interstate roaring by. The sun was shining and it was slightly foggy. There was a nicely plateaued mountain nearby peaking through the fog with the sun shining fully in the early morning. We had our breakfast and coffee, and took the dog for a walk before continuing on our way. It was hard to get going because it was so beautiful and relaxing.

The entire leg of this journey had incredible sights, huge cactus with the arms, desert, sage and little oases of trees and grass, long winding roads with steep hills and deep valleys. Our gas engine did an excellent job with the climbs and hills. We actually experienced our first desert mirage on this part of the trip as well. Far off in the distance we were sure we saw a lake, which made sense as we had been traveling by some small streams here and there, as we got closer and it got smaller, we were still sure it was a lake. Finally once we were right upon it, it turned into desert. Yes, we laughed!!

There are several mountain ranges in AZ. Where we are now in Apache Junction, are the Superstition Mountains. This area is part of the Apache Trail and is also on the border of Tonte National Park which we hope to get to explore this week.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Forests and Trees

Hi everyone!

I am slowly poking my head up from being buried in the sand and learning to be grateful for what I have, which is so much. I have a hard time with the house because I worked so hard to get it and we are soo far away we can't fix it. Due to the plumbing being stolen we won't be able to come back until some campgrounds open up there. Here are some updates for you finally!

The dog is back to himself again. Yay!!!!! He is running full speed again at the dog park. He woke me up the other day by nibbling my knee! He gets up and sits on the dashboard and starts fussing when he sees all the other dogs going to the park and can't stand being in here then. He is chasing Jet all over the RV now. The other day I stopped him and Jet came back out of the bedroom to see where he went!

The windshield is replaced. We are still working on the water leak, which of course we had multiple door knocks over. It's not like it was a river people. Speaking of which, in the laundry room yesterday I heard about a great place in Texas to stay called Three Rivers, TX. We were discussing crowding and things like that. The lady told me there are 2 parks there and they spent their entire time exploring. San Antonio is about 100 miles away. And the spaces are wide! Yayyy I am on my way. Not yet though. Still absolutely love the Texas Hill Country.

We are still working on police reports and identity theft.

AAAnd once again, when we are finally ready to explore we have been stuck in the RV three days straight due to heavy rain. The days in between postings here have been filled with all kinds of normal everyday things, shopping, TV, computers, chores etc, getting cable, and internet.

We went out to an Asian Buffet last weekend and I tried octopus lol. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It was on the sushi bar. I still always have this idea in my head when someone talks about octopus is those giant man eating ones. This one was quite small.

We should be getting video's up when the weather clears. I want you guys to see this place, the dog park and the pool are incredible! Plus some other interesting (to me) things like the decorations on the sound barriers on the freeway. We are also going to be taking a drive up into the Superstition Mountains when the weather clears. I can't wait to finally start exploring the area! There is so much to see and do.

Ray is doing great! I am not trying to leave him out of anything here but he insists he can't write. I told him to anyway, but so far have not convinced him. I don't like posting unless there is news or excitement, but most of our recent weeks have been quite ordinary.

Thats it for now. I hope we will have video uploaded soon! Thanks for stopping by :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

It is Well with My Soul

This is my favorite hymn but I have never heard the story behind it. The man who wrote it lost everything and his response was eventually this song. This link has the story and the most beautiful rendition of the song I have ever heard.

After all, this is what matters most.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pardon the Pause..

Sorry for the interruption. Our dog got very ill and we have been nursing him back to health. He seems to be on the mend.

Our house was broken into and we have identity theft and the copper pipes were stripped from the basement and who knows what else is gone. We also have other things going on in the midst of all of this. No nothing is wrong between Ray and I, and neither of us is in ill health, its just private.

We would sure appreciate thoughts and prayers, unfortunately it is going to be awhile before the blog begins being updated again.

We hope you hang in there, a good way to know when its updated is to subscribe. Thanks for visiting and thinking of us.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Drive Part 1

What a whirlwind and an incredibly long trek from Boerne, TX to Las Vegas, NV and back to Apache Junction, AZ, over 1500 miles in a couple weeks! Whew!
The first night we stopped at a Walmart, unfortunately I can't remember the name of the town, but the parking lot looked like an RV campground. Must have been a lot of tired people running away from bad weather! At this point Corpus Christi, TX was going through more torrential rain and had roads underwater again. There was snow in Dallas, TX and pretty much bad weather throughout the state.

El Paso, TX: It felt like a different country there. We stopped at another Walmart to get food and supplies and on the way out of the parking lot there were several Border Patrol trucks and police cars patrolling. We got back on the freeway and on Ray's side of the RV it was sunny and on mine it was raining! After a mile or so on the freeway we realized we were RIGHT ON THE BORDER! When we looked at the map we knew we were going close, but didn't realize it was right there. As we continued on the way out of El Paso we saw a high speed chase going the other way on the freeway toward Mexico.

Its so hard to take pictures while you are driving, darn it. More on the drive soon.